Friday, October 14, 2011

Dick Van Dyke Show for Inspiration

This is an odds and ends post. I have been looking for inspiration for my old 1947 house, just to freshend and refreshen it. I love the Dick Van Dyke show and while watching on instant download I ran into some home inspiration.

The home was open in the living/family room, with three seperate living areas, and a dining area. This is to the right, and there is a fire place area, and the dining table and it goes into the kitchen.

The pic below shows the entrance with the first chair area, then in front the main sitting and watching TV area (they had a small portable TV to watch the "Alan Brady Show", and periodically you saw it rolled into the bedroom). To the right of this photo is the fire place area and dining room from the previous photo. You could put these two together to see the whole room. Love the seperate areas for sitting. You? Anyway, it got me to thinking about multiple areas in one room. And then odds and ends, which is what is now happening in this random post.

Here's some odds and ends. Love the movie Hanging Up, and their old furniture with the blanket on the couch, and the fact that it is a rustic couch, and the old rustic chair, also loving the stacked suitcases.

Also from Hanging Up, loving the dining area in the kitchen with a table at coffee table height.

Love entry way tables, and chairs.

Love the fringe on this sofa. I saw something similar on Donna Decorates Dallas. A little hot glue? Would be fun on the bottom of a bed and very glamorous.

Enjoy the odds and ends.
I hope you have found some inspiration. Maybe furniture rearranging over the weekend for me. You?

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