Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hanging Halloween Ghosts and Standing Ghosts

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Halloween is a big deal on our block. However, I just can't get in the mood. But, I did finally get my mojo back, and did this little display for less than $6.00.

Old sheets, free, 6 pumpkin pails, $.89 at Goodwill, covered, in white plastic trash bags to hide the orange, free. The standing ghosts, are on large paint stirs 2 for each, taped together with duct tape, again, free, had in the garage.

Loving them. It is a little breezy today and they are floating in the wind.

So cute, not really scary.


Oh, and the standing ghosts, are just standing in old flower pots filled with dirt.

Honestly no tutorial for this as it is so easy. Just poke hole in top of pail and cover with garbage bag, then cover with sheet, and hang, or stick in the ground. Happy Halloween decorating.

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