Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchens -- Kitchens -- Kitchens

With the change in the weather I have been comtemplating my kitchen. My house was built in 1947, so painted cabinets are what it has. Over the years, my cabinets which started a weird cream color, have been red, green, black, white, and are currently Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray. So my dilema is....do I just refresh my paint, change it entirely, or leave alone. I am loving the thought of a two toned kitchen.

Kitchens I admire. I don't have credits for all the images, if it is your kitchen, please let me know. thanks. My kitchen is at the end.

Gray, I can't help myself I love it.

Loving a 2 tone kitchen, wood tones, and painted tones. Also, would not mind white or black appliances. Stainless is impossible to keep clean.

2 toned kitchen.

Loving the darker gray. Image Atlanta Home Magazine.

Ok, I really love this kitchen in the white and gray. Image Cottage Living Magazine.

Lots and lots of muted gray.

Ok, you see a theme here? What is cute about the above kitchen is the tall table as an addition to the bar. Unique and cute idea.

My kitchen below.

Concrete counters, glass backsplash, and the Martha Stewart Bedford Gray Paint.

Took a pic with the flash on to show the lightness of the cabinets.

I love these lights, although at night they are a little like spotlights. We were in Costco and found them, put them up in one afternoon, and under $35.00.

Kitchens. What is yours like?

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