Monday, October 31, 2011

Project a Day --- or Week?

Happy Monday. The beginning of another week. Oh ya, and it's Halloween, my excuse to eat a candy bar or two. I have been doing a project a day -- or week, depending on the project. Most I don't blog about as they are just regular house maintenance, or deep cleaning (more of that always needed in an old house).

This weekend, we washed the house. Yes, you heard that right, the stucco/sto was dirty and yukky, so we used our house with pressure attachment, and then in a few places, had to scrub with some Simple Green. When done, we washed the windows with Sprayway, found at my local grocery store. If you have never used Sprayway, it does a magical job on windows, and way less streaking than anything I have ever used.

So enough about weekend chores. This weeks project is to get my family pics back up. After painting the bookshelves, (way previous post). I decided to do a family pic wall. Similar to the one below. I have my Michaels coupon 40% off, so, is it a large canvas? Or, do I scour Goodwill get an old frame, paint it, and put canvas in it? Or, do I get the cheap large poster frame, do the mirror treatment with spray paint, then put pics on. Decisions, decisions. Either way, it will be cost effective, and I will post the results, hopefully, by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

Inspiration below. I may go all black and white. Haven't decided.

Come on do some projects, they don't have to cost much. Paint your baseboards, a door, or deep clean a room, you will feel better.

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