Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspiration Friday - Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day!!

Thursday was the best day ever!! I went shopping with my daughter. So much fun. Loved it.
And, since I am procrastinating on getting things into my shop (i.e. Ebay, Etsy), I will procrastinate a little more with things I love and am using for inspiration. Oh, and my projects, not a one started or done. Good thing it's the weekend, I can imagine, and maybe do some projects. Oh well on to the inspiration.

I love this couch. Thomasville believe it or not. What I love is the 2 tone with leather, and the pillows, not necessarily the pattern, just the blue leather. It might be time to put a blanket on the cushions of my leather couch, they freeze me out at night.

Inspiration walls and shared desks. The Image Below House Beautiful. Love it all.

Again, inspiration walls and desks. Love the simplicity of file cabinets and just wood across them, not crazy about the chairs. Not sure where this image is from.

Barn doors. The hubs and I have had the hardware, etc for a year, and I have a door from another room in my house, and sadly we are still working on our wine room. Hey, gives us something to do. What is it they say, a home is a work in progress, and never finished.

Ok, pic below from House Beautiful. What I am focusing in on is the bed frame, everything else is well, blah. But that bed frame/platform, I could make that. I know I can make that bed frame. Now just which bed?

I love this abstract painted, patched, whatever wall. Would look amazing behind a bed. Any takers? I have heavily textured walls or I would do it. Now I just need to find someone with smooth walls.....I would definitely add a few pieces of silver leaf or gold or copper for some bling.

That is it, I hope you found some inspiration. I did. Now back to stocking my shops.

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