Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sarah Richardson Holiday Country House

Yes, I know it has been terribly overexposed. However, I like the simplicity of the decorations. This is actually last year's Christmas Decorations, but again, the simplicity is nice. Just a little inspiration. I also loved BH&G's table top trees, which I showed in a previous post. Not feeling Christmasy yet? No worries, put a bowl of ornaments out, or a bowl of scented pine cones. You don't have to decorate to enjoy. I myself and going super simple and easy this year.
Yes, and if you know me you know I love pillows, she has tons.

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  1. Everything is perfect with this décor!. I love everything about it, the colours the style, all the pillows and the Christmas tree!. Sarah is my favourite designer, I have followed her from the beginning of her carrier. I am glad you have these pics, I have posted them too and look at them all the time to get inspirations....thank you, Angela