Thursday, November 17, 2011

To-do Image Inspiration

With the weekend fast approaching, I feel like I have not got a thing done this week. Truth is, I did get some Ebay done. So yay. More to do. However, I feel like my DIY to-do list is swallowing me. Maybe this weekend I can cross a thing or two off.

Images to enjoy and think about.

I love tabletop trees. Maybe I should just do a table top tree and skip the big tree. Does this make me a Scrooge?

Pic above, Better Homes and Gardens.

High on my to-do list is to paint-fix-something the Johnny Pole in my family room. Pic below, not mine, just great inspiration.

Animal print. Need I say more.

Having a get together? Clear off a table. Anything can be a bar. Love it.

Love the tray as a bar.

Ok, start planning your weekend to-do list, and it should not totally involve Thanksgiving preparations. Enjoy.

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