Saturday, December 3, 2011

2-Toned Kitchens Great Inspiration Photos

I am loving 2-toned kitchens.  Since my kitchen is due for a repaint, I am really looking around.  I just am not looking forward to the process of repainting my kitchen.  Below are some inspiration kitchens I have been looking at.

Great inspiration.
This kitchen has the grayish green that I have in my kitchen.

If you have not checked out The Letterd Cottage, (photo below) you should, great inspiration from a young couple.  Great kitchen. They have redone their kitchen a couple of times, previously in a black, and now in a 2-toned white and gray.

Probably not going to do red.  I have had a red kitchen.
Thinking about black.  Although I have had black, I truly loved it at the time.

Love the steely gray.

Kitchen below from Sarah Richardson.  Love the yellow, just not right for my house.

My kitchen below.  See, the white on top might really work.  I already have the greenish gray color.  It is Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray.  Have loved the color for years, like 5+.  Totally time for a repaint. 

My poor kitchen has been, white, cream, mint green, black, red, and I have even found traces of purple in the cupboards. 

Ahhhh, inspiration.  Now to find the time.

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