Sunday, December 4, 2011

Displaying Lighted Christmas Houses - Department 56

My house has a pass thru dining room.  You must walk/pass thru it to get anywhere in the house.  So the dining table seemed like the perfect place to display my Lighted Christmas Houses.  It started years ago when we put the Halloween ones there, I kind of like it, so I put the Christmas ones there this year.  Yes, I normally tape down the cord, etc, and cover with a rug, still working on that part.

I feel like a cat lady however, because, this is just a small part of my collection.  A few of my favorites.  I have at least this amount and more still in the Christmas storage.  But, this year, I want simple.  I did a simple tree in red in the back family room.  The one thing that is hard about decorating for the Holidays, is moving the stuff, and storing it while the Christmas is out. That is major. 

Oh, well on to the houses.

I actually use colored lights in them.  That also started after Halloween, as I share the cords between the 2 and liked the colored lights so much better.  A little more festive.
I wasn't going to put them out.  But now I am glad that I did.  They make me smile.


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