Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doors in Wrong Places DIY Shakespeare Quote

Doors and rooms in odd places.  The master bedrom is off the family room in this house, with a super small onsuite bathroom.  Super small.  Looking from the family room you either see this --- bathroom door closed.  Or the pic below door open.
Bedroom is to the left, small tight turn with furniture.  Yes, if you are leaving the bedroom and someone is in the bathroom, you put your arm our so you don't get hit by the door, but that design flaw isn't going to change.  House built in 1947 and add-ons, and such, it is what it is.  But, what it is -- is ugly.  Sooooooo..
The door is due for a major repaint.  I am thinking of leaving it bright white, and then in the inset, writing the William Shakespeare quote, Give me my Romeo in gold.  The bedroom, blue, brown, with gold an cream chairs.
Oh, should I put a peep hole in the door too?  Haha, been this way for years, just trying to dress up the looks, and after looking at that door I realize it is cream, and has never been repainted, embarassed, and a very ugly dirty door.

Now, the questions is when to do it?  Today maybe?  That way I could participate in more Christmas procrastination. 

Finish pics later.

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