Thursday, December 8, 2011

Painting Support Pole - Johnny Pole

I have a support pole or Johnny Pole in my family room.  Over the years, we have seen them disguised many ways.  Truth is, short of pulling out the ceiling and putting in new beams, we are stuck with it.  It came with the house.  It dictates furniture placement etc. and it is an eyesore.  I have painted it chalk paint, white, colors, it still stands out.  We even saw one at a parade of homes that was done in chrome (that one looked like a stripper pole).  The other day while looking at my curtains (all hung on copper pipe) I thought - Copper.  So, I painted it copper.  Cost, less than $7.00, such a bargain.  Check it out below.  Before, the white pole.

 Different view of the ugly white pole.
I used the martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint Copper Red, because I wanted a weathered copper finish not a shiny penny finish.  So, to get the darker color, I first painted the pole brown.  There it is painted brown.  You can see my copper curtain rod in the background, also the copper curtain rods on the patio that hold the outdoor curtains.

For the under coat of brown, I just used a $1, sample from Home Depot, they had mixed it for someone and it was wrong, so I got it for $1.  Worked great for me.  Painted the pole brown.  See it above.
Here it is close up with the brown, and the copper put on I am sure I am going to like it, I did a small test before I painted the whole pole brown, just in case I wasn't going to like it.  But I did.
Here's a shot in the light, it really is metallic.
Fully painted metallic.  Like I said, I have copper rods, holding my curtains, inside, as well as the ones outside on the patio, that you can see thru the window.
 Martha Stewart's metallic Paint Copper Red.

An inspiration photo of a pole in a family room.  Love theirs.

One project down, many more to go.

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