Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wine Room Art - Large Poster Print - Lighted Wine Bottle

The Hubs and I have been in the process of making a wine room.  He makes wine, and we need additional storage.  So for his birthday, I had his wine label blown up into a 20 x 30 poster, you can see it at the back.  Looks great. We need to hang it still.  Oh, and we need to complete the wine room.  This is just one area, the storage area, the prep, and making area is in the front of this area.  Pics of that later.

A few days ago, our neighbors brought over a lighted wine bottle, with his label on it. 
The poster/wine label blown up.  Costco did it for $8.99, then I put a frame on it.  The quality of the poster is great.  I highly recommend Costco if you are looking for poster prints.  The price is right too.

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