Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Project Time -- Simple Easy

I am so far behind on any and all projects I have started.  If I type that again, will I actually finish?  Or feel worse?  Hmmm, I am soooooo far behind on all of my projects that I have started.  Lucky for me another weekend is upon me.  So....  Here are some more I would like to start and have half finished.  Just kidding, would love to have them finished.  Finishing soon, with great photos to follow. 

A zebra chair. Yep, I need one,  I have some old wood chairs just dying to be covered in zebra.  What's that?  Yes, still covering a chair or two in fur.  Remember, behind.

Love these pillows.  I would use already made pillows and felt.  Also, might do the hair/or beard the color of the occupants.  Too cute.

I really want to paint a wall in one of my bathrooms black.  Still contemplating that one.  I just primed and painted over one that was black in a bedroom years ago.  I love the black, but our walls are so heavily textured you can never get a clean line and it drives me crazy.  So, contemplating is about as far as I will probably get.  Photo,
Zebra chair, his and hers pillows,

What will you be working on in your spare time, be it a weekend or a weekday.  Spare time is spare time.  Enjoy.

Thanks for staying with me in my sparse posting.  Things have been crazy.

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