Saturday, February 4, 2012

Easy DIY Pleather Covered Box Spring

So, I decided to cover my daughter's box spring with pleather.  She isn't a fan of the dust ruffle, and she didn't want a sheet on the box spring. 

I got out the trusty sewing machine.

Made notes on how to cut my pleather.
Got $8 of pleather from JoAnne Fabrics - in black. Cut into strips 4" wider than box spring.
Sewed them together.  Sewed them so they would have a seam in the middle of the bed on each side.
Put on box spring.  Since her tastes may change, I just used good old fashioned Duct Tape to adhere it to the top of the box spring.  Sarah Richardson, and some other bloggers glued, sewed, used velcro, your choice.
Then wrapped it around the metal Hollywood bedframe and stapled it underneath to the box spring. Again, so it could easily be removed if wanted.
Finished.  Looks like a leather - pleather covered platform bed.  Love it. 
Happy Saturday projects to you.

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