Monday, February 27, 2012

Rusted Medicine Chest -- Medicine Chest Makeover

I decided to do multiple projects this weekend. 
This rusted medicine cabinet was my inspiration. Not sure where the photo is from, I believe, Apartment Therapy.

I had some leftover copper paint, from doing the pole in the living room (older post).  It is Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint - Aged Copper - approx $6, at Home Depot.

I decided to paint my nasty old medicine cabinet copper.  No before, just trust me, old nasty silver.  Still an old medicine cabinet, but on the way.  Still working my inspiration photo.
This is just a preview. 

About 3 coats with a foam brush.
Really looks good. This is a super small bathroom.  Looking inside -- a shower stall is to the right, we don't use it so, it has sheer black polka dot curtains covering it.  The toilet is to the left and the door hits it when it opens, and the light switch is behind the door, so you have to enter the bathroom to turn on the light switch.  The joy of old houses.
Close-up, see looks good.
Side view.
The ugly old sink.  We have replaced the faucet, -- bathroom needs a repaint (on the list), I painted the gross faded yellow plastic pipes, with some shiny black I had around the house from doing some furniture.  The floor is old white penny rounds painted black.  And.....dun -- dun -- dun, I found a black toilet seat that I will be putting on the toilet. 
We don't use this bathroom that much, more of a service bathroom if you come in from outside.  So little changes will be all it gets.  Did not want a sink skirt, thus the painting of the pipes.  May take the towel bar down, as we use the single use towels - more sanitary.  Not sure on towel bar.  It is right above toilet.  Oh, well work in progress.  Baby steps.  Finish and styled pics next week.  :)

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