Saturday, March 3, 2012

Any Day S'mores - No Cooking

Seriously, who doesn't love S'mores?  No matter what kind of day you have had a S'more will solve it all.  These are fast, easy, no cooking, and you can use ingredients you have.  Yum. Oh, and I can't cook.

Seriously easy.  I didn't show the Graham Cracker box, because, I was down to my last few in a Ziplock, but I use gold old fashioned Honey Maid Grahms, they taste the best.  Yep, I am loyal to my Hershey's, but if I don't have a bar, I have been known to use the semi-sweet morsels, as well as their chocolate morsels.   For the marshmallow creme, I did just use a store brand.  Oh, and yes, marshmallow on both sides of the graham cracker. 

Not feeling it?  How about crumbling some graham crackers, some chocolate and a tablespoon or so of marshmallow creme in your ice cream?  Yum.  Or have some Teddy Grahams, some chocolate pieces, and some marshmallow creme -- creme in bottom of bowl, and then sit the Teddy's and chocolate in it.  Dunk and eat.

Enjoy your weekend.  Share a S'more with someone.  (Hint:  If you make these in the smaller squares -- by breaking in half, then half again, those are best done individually.  If you do a whole one, it will break in half once, but after that gets tooooo messy.)  Enjoy.

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