Friday, March 9, 2012

Working on Wine Room

I feel like the old Dunkin Donuts Commercial -- "Need to finish the wine room," instead of "Time to make the donuts." 
Well, --- I need to finish the wine room.  As a perpetual zhush and rearranger, this is the new arrangement. 

Inspired by something I saw on Craigs List, I dug out this old black chest, -- oops forgot the before pics,  --before it was some sort of brown wood, painted white.  It has been given a fresh coat of black paint and is being used as wine storage.  (Oh, and the mess in the garage with all the stuff this chest was holding-- well oops, when it warms up, I will clean it up, no photos of that).  My goal is to use what we have, until we decide exactly how we want to use this room.  My guess -- we will be using the room as wine storage.

The room is an "L" shape, this is the right side from the door. 
Our wine label.  The Hubs took this photo, behind our house and we use it as our wine label. 
Wine label.  Looks like it's "Time to make some wine." 
These are the hanging labels you see on the wine.  Simple and easy, so you don't have to remove bottles to see what you have.

This is the looking in of the "L" -- or the first part of the wine room.  The part you have seen in photos is to the right as you stand in this door.  These rooms stay a great constant temp.  Originally, we invisioned this room as more of a wine making room.  Soooooooo, that brings me to a need for a thin table, etc. to hold/store the ecoutremants. Thinking cap on.  

I am hoping to zhush it a little this weekend by looking around the house/garage to see what I can find to -- "use what I have."  Wish me luck.
It's Friday.  Weekend projects anyone?
Go Lobos!!

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  1. Wood floors in the man cave (shed). Oh, and patch the tin roof. After days of heavy rain following a three year drought I have discovered HOLES!