Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Minute Breakfast Sandwich -- McMom

Quick shout out for another of last weeks projects -- my resealed concrete counters -- may have to do a little resealing by the sink (not crazy about how that area turned out)  but everything else was great!!

Now on to a great breakfast sandwich.

I love breakfast sandwiches -- anytime of day.
Here is a quick one and easy.  What you really need is a microwave egg poacher.  Makes a great fast egg.  You can find these gadgets at most supermarkets -- grocery stores for under $4. 
Gather your ingredients  -- eggs, english muffins, or bagels, cheese if you would like it, and bacon or the canadian bacon slices. 
I use the precooked bacon -- takes 20 seconds to heat in microwave, then I start with my eggs.
There is a trick to these gadgets.....
Microwave egg poacher.
Put your eggs in, then pierce the yolk several times with a fork, kind of move it around.  Then put 1 generous teaspoon (I just use a spoon like I would eat with) of water on top (so the top will cook evenly.  Then microwave.  Now this is where you have to do a little trial and error.  2 eggs in my micro are totally done in 2 minutes.  1 egg, about 1 min.  I like a hard cooked egg.  If you like them runny -- less time. 
Ready to go.  Scoop out with spoon, put on your bread and yum.

Just like a drive thru.

Need a quick egg for a Ceasar Salad?  Poach one in the micro, cool a bit, slice/chop and pop on your salad.   How about a BLT with egg?  Great any time of day. 

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