Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bamboo Reed Fencing -- Love it or Hate it?

Bamboo reed fence by the roll.  Love it or hate it?  I am going to go with strong like.  First it is easy to attache to existing fencing.  Second, if like me you need to cover a large space it is cost effective. And, third, it is at least 6 feet tall which is always good.

So, here is a project I did last Wednesday and Thursday.

Below is Layla, she belongs to my daughter and her boyfriend,  she loves to run in my back pasture, and was coming for an extended visit.  Isn't she cute.  Anyway, my neighbors next door have mean barking dogs that charge the chain link fence constantly.  -- Other side of pasture is cinderblock, and back by ditch and walking path is 7ft chainlink but left open to look at the elevated ditch bank walking path.  Que La Llorona (or the ditch crier), look up the legend.
On the left on the back half, my neighbors ugly lean to, and yuk.  Years ago it was covered with bamboo reed fencing, however it weathered and fell apart over time, and never got replaced.
Que today. From the first leg, then barn, the second leg.  Love it.
From the back look towards the house.  I cut down my grape vines, and will just help them bush and grown on the outside of the bamboo.
So, love it or hate it,  that much reed fencing is cost effective.  It is attached to the chain link with zip ties.  I am going with love it.  Especially when Layla runs in the back and I don't have to stress about the dogs next door charging the fence.  This summer when my dad and stepmom's Lhasa's come over they will be enjoying it too.

I will post more pics as it greens up.  Still pretty brown here in the southwest.  Yay for Thursday.

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