Monday, April 9, 2012

Bookcase Down -- Wall Textured -- Awkward Spaces

Bookcases removed.  Or as I like to say -- Bookcases Down.  Notice the crack in the wall on the left.

Crack in wall patched.
Preparing for texture and spray.  We have a heavy knock off texture on our walls.  The joys of old houses and crummy walls and additions.  Anyway, if you are going to texture/match/retexture large spaces it is easiest to spray it.  The taping off is the longest, messiest, hardest part. 
 Take note of the Cheetah Duct Tape. 
Close up of textured wall.
Wall textured, tv moved, and still an awkward space with the Johnny pole.  But, the pole isn't going anywhere, so I will have to Tim Gunn it and "Make it work".
 Another view of the room.  Still finding places for TV stuff.  Hmmmmm.
Ugly clearstory windows.  Now, what to do with them.  They let in light, but they also are ugly, really ugly.
The joys of never ending projects. Now to paint the wall, fix the fences, and fix, and fix, and fix. Oh, and garden planted.  Will label and photo today or tomorrow.  Happy Monday.

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