Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Labeling Garden with Chalk

I do all my gardening above ground, in a mix of pots and colors.  It actually works quite well, and the wall is a great wind block.  This year tomatoes, jalapenos, herbs.  I haven't had luck with zucchini or squash above ground, never can find the bush varieties.  But, if I do, I will try again.  We are trying some in ground red onions.  Not sure on those.
So here it is planted, and looking a little sparse.  It is greener since this pic was taken, and I plan on putting in some shredded mulch, just until the bermuda can grow back after the last ground squirrel attack.
Here is how I have been labeling for the last few years.  I use chalk on the cinder block wall and it is fun, festive, and wears pretty well.  If we get a ton of rain, I just rechalk it.  You know the colored chalk it is hard to get off anyway.
Now, the pondering project, ugly, ugly, ugly, 1970's ish, clearstory windows.  These have a frost on them, as well as a sheer covering them, they are ugly.  Suggestions?
Tomorrow, bamboo fencing.

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