Friday, April 27, 2012

Clear Story Windows - Amazing Chunky Bracelets -- Black Door

Does the title say it all?  Sorry for the absence, allergies have totally got the best of me, and chores, chores, chores. 

Well, the clear story windows are still ugly.  I did go to Lowe's and look at the plastic punched tin, but the cost is well over $200 for the space, and not what I want to spend on it right now, as we may eventually take them out.  So, for covering them up, I am still entertaining options.  Hmmm.
What I have been doing is making bracelets.  Now, to get them listed in ShopShelbyLynn on Etsy.  Some are already up, and the others should be up this weekend.  So fun, chunky, double wraps, and multi chains.

What I would like to be doing this weekend is painting my door, and kitchen.  But, I won't. Allergies, can't get motivated, would like to just get the house clean, so the allergies are at bay.  But I can dream.
Love the black door with the monogram.  I am sorry, I do not know where this pic is from. 
Will try and post over the weekend.  Enjoy your weekend.

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