Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY -- Pinch Pleat Comforter -- Kissing Pleat Comforter

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I made my daughter a Pinch Pleat Comforter/Duvet -- or Kissing Pleat Comforter/Duvet.  They were all over the internet, and so was the price, so we did a DIY, you can see it at, Bang by Lo, as well as her cute dog laying on it.
It was so easy.  Now, I am contemplating some in white, or maybe just like a sheet to throw over, faster to wash, and more temperature friendly in the summer.  It gets hot here in the southwest.

Pinch Pleat/Kissing Pleat Duvet DIY Below.
I started with King Duvet,(for a queen bed -- it will get smaller as you pinch) $20, great deal. I did do a good prewash.
I used a Postal Service (not pictured) large Flat Rate Box and marked my X's where I wanted them. they are about 14" square.  I just used good old chalk.  The 1/2" cardboard strip is to make the pleat kiss.
I simply put the cardboard on the duvet, and pinched it, and then I handsewed it (no sewing machine at the time).  I used a thick black thread and did 5 loops and tied it off and cut it.  Simple and fast.  There are 100's of them.  Only took one night, and a marathon on Bravo TV of Million Dollar Decorators.
I didn't show the back, as it got smaller, there is excess fabric, so I just pinched it folded over and sewed it smaller, as I started with a completed duvet.  If you sew, you can just use sheets, then sew together, and you won't have this problem, or you could cut the back of the duvet (sould have done that) and cut out excess fabric, and then sew back closed.  Either way, love the look.

As you can see, I also pinched the shams, the bonus of buying an already made duvet.
The finished project below, which was before she changed her nighstands. 
An update -- sorry crummy phone pic.  An update almost a year later still holding up amazing. Love the -- hard to see upcycled repainted nightstands -- another post.
She has a great fashion blog at Bang by Lo, check it out. 

I have a list of projects a mile long.
Keep checking, I will be posting as I do them.  Kitchen repaint, patio overhall, finish wine room, gardening, vegetable gardening, and that is just the small start of it.
Make it a great Monday.

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