Sunday, April 1, 2012

No More Bookshelves - Styling a TV Wall

We have had a love hate relationship with these bookshelves since we moved in years ago.  They have been painted, and repainted many times.  Here they are loaded with photos, books, and tchotchkes. 
 In this photo the shelves have been repainted again, and cleaned up. 
In this photo we have moved the books to various places (armoires, etc -- another post).  The photos are being put into a collage and one or maybe two of those digital frames.
Here they are removed.  Wall patch anyone?  Wow -- looks vacant, and sounds kind of hollow. Thursday night when we couldn't find any TV we wanted to watch, we decided to pull them out.
I so wish I could stuff a couch in where the TV is by the steps, then it would feel like the Draper's apartment in Mad Men with the super sunken living room.  Smile.  But, I am sure I will just repaint and try and decide what to do with the TV and all it's stuff.  The wall is concrete -- an old outside wall, so debating on the hanging of the TV.  Now on to styling a TV wall.


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