Monday, April 23, 2012

Skull and Crossbones Necklace

Everyone needs a little edge.  Skull and Crossbones necklace now available in my Etsy store, ShelbyLynn.  I will also be adding some chunky multi chain bracelets and more, in gold, silver, and neon, as well as an inspired by the "B in Apartment 23" Handcuff necklace.
Thanks to Bang by Lo, for modeling this necklace for me.  She also has a discount code for it on her blog.  Great fashion blog, check it out. 

If you were here hoping to see the clearstory window change up, that should be tomorrow or Wednesday,  I was thinking matchstick blinds, but my stepmom talked me into punched tin or copper, Lowes has a product that I will be checking out today, in their kitchen section.  Will keep you posted.

Have a great Monday.

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