Thursday, May 3, 2012

Container Gardening -- Parenthood TV Show Garden

I actually looked thru my garden posts on my blog to see if this grass ever grows.  It does, it is, and maybe someday the bermuda grass will meet the garden area (I guess I could seed it, na).  In the meantime, maybe some mulch would help dress it up.  We have a place down the block, that gives away free latilla shavings, (like giant wittling shavings), if you dig to the bottom, it is more mulchy.  That is a thought, and free.

I covet the Parenthood TV Show garden and side yard.  That is what i wish this are would look like.

It is a big area, that we never go in.  But I can dream.
I would love it to look like this. Photos -NBC - Parenthood.
The outdoor dining and potting area is wonderful too.
I love dining outdoors at night.
Image below is Better Homes and Gardens online, great use of cinderblock, and a dining grilling area.
Image below, Apartment Therapy.  I need to do this to a chair.  This would really dress up my side yard.  My luck I would find a lizard or snake sleeping on it.
Enjoy your garden dreaming.

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