Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY Pleather Covered Box Spring

The second half to my daughter's bed post.  She has never been one for dust ruffles, so I covered her box spring in pleather.  You could cover it in fabric, fur, or anything you would like.
I used fabric - like for pants and skirts pleather, nice, thin, stretchy, in black. 
Then I measured out the bed size - queen, and , the height of the box spring, then decided how to cut my strips, and where to put the seams to marry the fabric, basically to center them on the mattress for looks. 
I cut the fabric in long strips, and quickly sewed it together on the sewing machine.  I made one giant loop.
Hopped over to her house, ok drove, and slipped over top of bed to box spring.  It is a small box spring, and stapled it to the bottom, tucked it in and duct taped it to the top, yes duct tape, you could also use a hot glue (that would be removeable too).   I didn't even have to remove the top mattress.  Took me about 45 minutes, took a quick pic, and was done.
Yes, that's a phone pic. 
Looks great, covers the box spring, and gives it a more contemporary look.  The black pleather will work with whatever sheets, or comforter she chooses, and it is easily changeable.  Total cost less than $15.  How fun would this be in a fur or a faux sheepskin?
More of my DIY projects this week.

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