Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fast Easy Compost Cookies

I needed a quick and fun dessert the other night, so I made fast easy compost cookies.
Seriously easy and yummy.  Now, I do have to preface this by saying I have never had the NY Momofuku Cookies.  But, I do love a good dump everything in recipe.

There is one problem, however, I really can't cook that well, and I am fair at following directions.  Plus, the high altitude adjustments, and well, sometimes it's a win and sometimes it's a fail. Which is why I went fast and easy with the following recipe, by the way it was a win.

Betty Crocker to the rescue. 

You can use any chocolate chip cookie recipe you want.  1 package Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, follow directions.  I am at high altitude, so 1 T of flour was added.

Then, my add ins, I used 3 tablespoons of crushed potato chips, crushed corn flakes, and crushed pretzels.  Next time, might leave a hair chunkier and maybe go to 4 of each.

Mix in.
I refrigerated my dough for 30 minutes covered.  Then scooped and baked and yum.  Truly a win.
They were a hit.  M&M's would be yummy in them to.  Or, crushed pretzel M's.   I can't say how they compare to the New York version, but I can say they were a hit, chewey, crunchy, sweet, and salty.

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