Thursday, May 17, 2012

Layered Taco Salad -- Layered Chef Salad

I saw this in one of my Weight Watcher's Cookbooks when I was looking for dinner and lunch ideas.  I am not a big cook, and sometimes I need a little inspiration. 
This is the Mexican Seven-Layer Salad. 
This so got me thinking.  I love a layered salad, you could do this with chicken, shrimp, or even a chef salad.  It is the layering that is fun. 
The one below, is ground beef, jicama, onions, beans, lettuce, tomato, salasa, sour cream. 
Fun fresh summer ideas. 

I know you are thinking -- but I don't have a glass bowl.  Well I have done the thinking for your.  This set is less than $20, and at Target.  Don't want to spend that, do you have a Dollar Store?  They have the large plastic serving bowls for catering for $1.  Put your salad in that.  Still not convinced.  Take any bowl you have and layer left to right instead of top to bottom, still get layering but at the top where you can see it.  What are you waiting for, put salad in your diet.
Hopefully doing the clear story windows this weekend, I think I have the problem and budget solved, with paintable wall paper.  Now, should I change the pole to silver instead of the copper?  Hmmmm.  Anyway, that will hopefully be a weekend post.  Fingers crossed.

Top photo,  Weight Watchers, bottom photo, Libbey Tempo Salad 5-pc Serving Set.

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