Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Santa Fe - Mexican Blue Doors

Being from the southwest -- Mexican Blue Doors are everywhere.  These particular doors are in  Albuquerque, in Old Town.  I love a good carved mexican blue door.  The color is said to invite in good spirits.  Here where houses are super old, that could be a good thing to do. 

These doors are carved, and have a hint of the stucco color behind them, as well as an old spanish light on the side, and who doesn't love ivy, even though it is hard on the stucco.

The trick with a good mexican blue is the light, it should have some reflecting qualities to kind of bounce and reflect the light as the day goes by.  I also really like this iinterpretation with the lighter stucco color behind.  I am saying stucco, as this building is not officially built of adobe.  So for those thinking adobe color, use the color in your head, but the building is stucco.

I am so far behind in all my projects, and secretly -- unless she is reading this today-- want to start finishing up some small projects at my daughter's house next week.  Here at my casa, hoping to paint doors and still ----weeks later, deal with my clearstory windows.

Enjoy your Tuesday/Monday.


  1. That is one stunning door! But what I love about Mexican doors is that it is not afraid to be different in terms of design, color and style. And the carving makes it more beautiful and unique.

  2. Even if you wouldn’t mention that this is a Mexican door, that’s what I would still assume that it is. Haha! I really find Mexican doors very artistic, not only with its design but with the color that goes through it as well. It’s no wonder whenever I see doors like this, I automatically think of Mexico. :’)

  3. What I love with Mexican doors is their artistic design. And usually, they have a distinct taste in color, which reminds me of Aztec patterns.

    Burma @MetroDandB.com