Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Tone Kitchen Martha Stewart Paints

My kitchen before.....It was Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray for years.  I loved it, but it had started looking a little green to me.  So I wanted a change, a two tone kitchen change.

Ta Da!  The big kitchen reveal.  Took longer than I expected.  I guess I need an HGTV crew waiting in the wings to come in an do eveything (wouldn't that be nice).  But, I pushed thru and am so glad that I did.  I love it.  It is really much brighter.
The floors are a gray tile, and the counters are poured concrete. 
All this in an old 1947 house.  Love it.

Yes, that is a portable dishwasher you see to the right.  Will one day loose cabinet space I am sure to put in an under the counter one.
What really went on, since there was no crew lurking behind the scenes. 
The paint is Martha Stewart, Magnetite MSL278, and Tailor's chalk MSL001.  I had them mixed in the Behr Premium Plus with the primer, in a semi gloss. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sneakity Peak - Two Tone Kitchen

Finally, I am getting around to some projects.  I have wanted to repaint my kitchen for quite some time.  Here is a preview, sneakity peak.  What started out as a 3 day project, quickly expanded into 5 days.  Oh, well, the results are worth it.

I am in love with it.  I will be putting the bottom gray cabinets on today, as well as the last of the white, no, I do not have open shelving, I am too  messy for that.  I can't wait to show the reveal tomorrow. 

I am so excited.  Finally a project completed.

Colors, etc. to be posted with completed kitchen tomorrow.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Johnny Pole

Almost time for another weekend.  Another weekend of DIY projects I wish I could get completed.  What I would like for my Johnny Pole to look like. I am sorry I don't know where this photo is from, but I love it.

What mine looks like now. During a reno phase.  It is copper, with clear story windows above.  Hmmmm.  I have posted about this Johnny Pole in this blog more than once.  I liked the copper for awhile, but now am yearning for the silver.  Hmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TV Dinner -- Dinner Party

I want to have a TV Dinner -- Dinner Party. These retro ads have inspired me.  Even now, sometimes I love a TV Dinner, although they all go in the microwave now. 

If I get time today, I am off to find some divided trays, I think I saw some at the Dollar Store.  Because, it isn't a TV Dinner if your food touches.  Then to plan a menu, and then to call my family as my victims,  oops party guests. 

Just planning ahead for the weekend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fur Desk Chair

Ok, so no secret, I have not done a single project in the last 2 weeks that I have had on my list.  However, it is Monday, and a whole new week.  This week I want to put fur on a desk chair for my daughter.  Maybe even do 2 of them.  My inspiration, these below from Pottery Barn. 

I did experiment awhile back with an old chair to see how to work with the fur, and have been pleasantly surprised at how durable, comfy, and non-shedding it is.
Old chair.
Chair with fur.

Will keep you posted on the desk chair progress.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Caviar Nails -- $25 @ Sephora

I must go to Sephora for this nail polish.  Caviar Nails, have you seen them?  $25 for the kit at Sephora.  I am sure you could do several applications.  Wonder how they would look/wear on toes? What fun for summer.

Photos, Sephora.com.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yes, You Can Recover a Rolling Desk Chair

Yes, you can recover an ugly rolling desk chair.  The below offender is in the Hubs office.  Old dusty, yuky.  I had some leftover fabric in the closet, and decided to give it a recover.

I got out a set of alan wrenches and took it apart, basically, the arms came off.  Then I added some foam and batting, and began using my staple gun. 

For the arms, took off the rests, and stapled fabric then screwed back on.

Took about an hour.

The results.  So that there would be no back staple seaming, I actually put the fabric over the top of the chair and stapled under neath, and did a tuck on the sides, with a few hidden staples. I used about 3 yards of fabric.   

I actually did this quite some time ago, and it has held up well. 

Have an old desk chair?  Recover it. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Stain Wood Beams -- Penofin

Living in the Southwest, wood beams are a staple on most houses.  We have them on the front, and our portal on the back is built of them too.  Well, they do require maintenance, lots of maintenance, the southwest sun can be harsh.  So, instead of the usual Thompson's water seal, we decided to use a new to us product (Penofin - no endorsement - my dad tried the product and loved it so we decided to try it).
FYI -- LOVE IT!  Yep, yelling with a happy dance.  See the beams dried out and looking sad, then see the Penofin -- we did use one with a hint of tint, we wanted a little more depth to the porch.

Amazing product.  Love it.  Look how great the beams look.  We did the fence too.  Love it.  Looks like a totally different house. Can't say enough great stuff about this product.  Love it.
One DIY done, soooooo, sooooo, sooooo, many more to do. Including the back portal.  Another day. Oh, and really want to paint the door black, it is currently red.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cougar Town Style - Courtney Cox - Jules Cobb Necklace

Although I am seriously behind on my DIY chores, I am getting some jewelry making done. 

My interpretation of the neckace Courtney Cox (Jules Cobb) on Cougar Town.

I love long layering necklaces, and I absolutely love hearts.  I made this long layering necklace in both gold tone, and silver tone, in various lengths with hearts.  Take a peak. 

If you are interested, just click on the ShopShelbyLynn under the Etsy on the left.  Or any of the pics, in the ShopShelbyLynn section to go to my Etsy shop.  Most jewelry under $30.  Fun and affordable.