Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Stain Wood Beams -- Penofin

Living in the Southwest, wood beams are a staple on most houses.  We have them on the front, and our portal on the back is built of them too.  Well, they do require maintenance, lots of maintenance, the southwest sun can be harsh.  So, instead of the usual Thompson's water seal, we decided to use a new to us product (Penofin - no endorsement - my dad tried the product and loved it so we decided to try it).
FYI -- LOVE IT!  Yep, yelling with a happy dance.  See the beams dried out and looking sad, then see the Penofin -- we did use one with a hint of tint, we wanted a little more depth to the porch.

Amazing product.  Love it.  Look how great the beams look.  We did the fence too.  Love it.  Looks like a totally different house. Can't say enough great stuff about this product.  Love it.
One DIY done, soooooo, sooooo, sooooo, many more to do. Including the back portal.  Another day. Oh, and really want to paint the door black, it is currently red.


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    1. Thanks, probably need a second coat.
      Next vacay day. Which could be months away. Oh, well.