Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yes, You Can Recover a Rolling Desk Chair

Yes, you can recover an ugly rolling desk chair.  The below offender is in the Hubs office.  Old dusty, yuky.  I had some leftover fabric in the closet, and decided to give it a recover.

I got out a set of alan wrenches and took it apart, basically, the arms came off.  Then I added some foam and batting, and began using my staple gun. 

For the arms, took off the rests, and stapled fabric then screwed back on.

Took about an hour.

The results.  So that there would be no back staple seaming, I actually put the fabric over the top of the chair and stapled under neath, and did a tuck on the sides, with a few hidden staples. I used about 3 yards of fabric.   

I actually did this quite some time ago, and it has held up well. 

Have an old desk chair?  Recover it. 

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