Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Boyfriend Jeans - DIY Capri Pants

Cuff your jeans!!  Make DIY Boyfriend Jeans, or DIY some no sew Capri Pants

As the days get hotter, the pants get shorter.  I don't always feel like a dress or shorts, but some comfortable boyfriend jeans or capri pants will do the trick.  You can DIY these so easy.  It is also called the 50's cuff.  Best part is no damage to the pant.

Take any pair of jeans or pants/slacks you want.  These are loose, and have a wider leg than I like, so they are perfect.

To make the leg thinner pinch in the middle in the front.

Then roll.
 Then roll again.
 And I rolled again.
Like I said this makes a killer loose fit boyfriend jean.  Or again, if you have a thin slack and want a capri, just roll.

Use what you have, and be a repeat/rewear offender.  It is great for the budget.

Sorry for the lack of posts, will get back to my regular posting.  Summer, what can I say. Wish I was doing something fun, but I feel like I am just running in circles.  What are you waiting for cuff some jeans.

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  1. How do you recommend keeping it in place? (My daughter suggested tacking it slightly, so that when winter comes again, it's easy to just cut the threads and roll back down. Do you have any other ideas?)