Sunday, September 2, 2012

Easy Way to Keep Front Load Washer Smelling Fresh

Our laundry room is more of a pass-thru. Yep, you can see it sandwiched between 2 doors.  Front load washers should have the door open between washing so the seals dry and it doesn't smell.  Well, in my laundry area that would be impossible, and you would run into the washer door all the time.
When I was over at my Parent's house awhile back, they had a towel draped over the dishwasher, (I assume for the same reason) to keep it open just a touch for airing out.  (I have a portable -- hook up to the sink one at my house -- yep old timey).  I had what they call a light bulb moment and took a mental pic, and decided to do it with my washing machine.
I did run a cleaner thru it (just the Tide one from the grocery store-- love the smell). Then found an old towel.  Voila.  Love it.  Yes, it does keep the washer from smelling.

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