Sunday, October 21, 2012

Faux Tin Roof -- Metallic Silver Support Pole

Yes, I have posted this wonderful pic before.  I love their metallic silver support pole and beams.  I have been working towards this.  Here is my progress and what I have used.
A while back we had to reseal our clearstory windows.  They are single pane glass, old and gross.  Way to many to replace, and honestly, you can't watch TV with them, too much light.  Over the years I have had them covered with lots of different things. 
Below, in their ugly glory.

I am showing a pic of the living room in progress -- looks totally different now, but I want you to see the support pole.  It to has been many colors -- in it's copper period.
The windows covered with Home Depot's paintable wall paper in the "Tin Roof".  Peek at the support pole in metallic silver.
Painting the paintable wall paper.
Almost to the end.
Painted, and support pole too.  Now, to put the furniture back, and ladder away.  Next to add some support to the pole to make it look like it should be there.  On each side of pole and at the end where it meets the wall.  Can't think of what they are called.  Like brackets?  No......
Loving the look.  Feels so much better.  Almost crossed off my list. 

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