Saturday, November 17, 2012

Easy DIY or as I like to say Fake it DIY -- Fake it 'till you make it!

Yes, you can fake a DIY.  You can fake it 'till you make it.  Or just plain fake it.

Here are some great examples.  First the fur chair.  If you check my archives, I made one from simple fabric store fur.  This one I love.  You have 2 choices here, go to your fabric store and get some to just drape or staple, or even safety pin on a chair.  Or, choice 2, the throws, yep, the throws with the furry undersides, they wash great, just throw over, pin or staple.  My Walgreens, and my grocery store both have them at this time of year for super cheap.  Ok, $15.00.

Now to the desk.  Store bought (any big box or home improvement store), get a plank of melamine in the size you want and put on file cabinets, mine in my office are on old shelves from Target, they have 3 shelves, you build them for like $9.99.  Be creative folks.  Craigslist, Target, Big Box, Home Depot, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.

Seriously, what can I say, but LOVE. No where in my house to do this, but hey, still Love it.   If you are looking for the feel, but can't do the whole effect, (yes, your dogs will chew that pile of shoes).  Then do a clothing rack, I have one from Target (yes, one of my favorite stores), I made it smaller, and it sits in the corner.  BTW, they are  normally on sale for $9.99.  Eat at home and buy your rack.  Feel more open shoes?  Afraid not for me I like to wear my shoes to death and without socks, need I say more?  Get some open shelves, stack, make, be creative, you are going for the feel not the exact look.

Who doesn't love a furry bean bag?  This one I would just use any one you have and cover with a throw, or, the other day at Ross, I saw some microfiber furry sheets in zebra and cheetah, for yes, $9.99, you could get the twin or even a full and throw over the bean bag, and then saftey pin, or sew underneath.  Kind of wrapping it around, even a rubber band to secure on back on bottom. 
Again, these are Fake it DIY ideas, be creative, be original, be having fun, and do it with personality.

Photo 1, Pottery Barn.
Photo 2, Jenna Lyons, J. Crew.
Photo 3, Restoration Hardware.

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