Saturday, December 22, 2012

Add a little Fur. Fur Chair.

Add a little fur to your life.  Faux fur that is.  A while back I used this craft fur on a chair that I use in my office.  I had a rather large piece that had been hanging around, and I think I found a home for it.  I covered the cushion on my old rocking chair with it. 

Seriously, simply wrapped over it and pinned underneath and ready to go.
I love how it looks and feels.  It is fun, and gives a touch of whimsy to this old rocking chair.

On a side note, this rocking chair has been around a long time.  The hubs went and got it right after our daughter got her first shots.  We rocked her in it for years.  It was originally white, and over the years has been red, and now black.  I smile everytime I see it.

Room is coming together one step at a time. 

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