Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Shooting Christmas Star

This is one of my all me favorite DIY's.  My Shooting Christmas Star.  I used a wire star from Party City $9.99, comes covered with silver tinsel, looks great even when not lit.  I used a box of the round LED clear lights on the star.  Then 4--100 strand lights attached for the tails.  Simple fast and easy.  Start to finish, less than $30.00.  This would also look stunning on a garage door, or a pitched roof.

For everyone that asks about Luminarias.  It is technically a #4 bag, which is bigger than a sandwich bag.  We use sand, and Reed Candle Company Cathedral Candles.  Unlike a votive, they just burn straight down into the sand.  They last 12 hours or more.  We are on a luminaria tour where all the homes do them, it is stunning.  If you can't find a #4 bag a sandwich bag will work.  Yes, do a double fold it makes the bag much more stable.  Get a bag of sand from Toys R Us, and you could use the small tealights in them, but they will only burn about 4 to 6 hours. 

Give them a try too.

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