Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy and Cheap Holiday Decorating - No Tree Required

I am all about use what you have. Some years I go all out and do my tree, and some years I don't.  In fact for years the hubs and I never did a tree, didn't have space. If you love a tree, do a table top. Want something bigger, do a 4'ft tree on a table or box, will feel huge and take up less space.  I am, so busy (lazy) that I don't want to walk the 3/4 of an acre to my shed to get all my decorations.  So, this is a post in use what you have.  No tree required.

I am using some found ornaments and ribbons and putting in my wine cork bowl.

Faux poinsettias in the fire place, I use the same ones year after year.
Ornaments in a silver leaf bowl.
An old vase of my daughter's filled with ornaments and faux poinsettias, and sprayed with peppermint spray for smell.
An old apple box filled with ornaments and faux apples.
Years ago my mom gave me this lighted basket, it is old and worn, and probably needs new lights.  But, easy to recreate.  Lights, pine cones, faux apples, and cinnamon sticks. 
Totally fun and on the cheap, a candy dish with bows. 
This giant bear belongs to my daughter.  He has been decorated with extra ribbon, is holding an ornament she painted years ago, and a bag of bows.
Or simple red candles placed around your home, or any color for that matter.

I guess what I am trying to say, is you can be in the Holiday Spirit, with very minimal to no decorating.  Don't feel compeled to overdo it.  For years, it was a pine cone basket and that was it.  Do what works for you.  Most of all have a great day.  Yes, I am procrastinating painting the chest.  Have a strain in my neck that is driving me crazy. 

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