Saturday, January 26, 2013

Furniture Upgrade --French Provencial - Vampire Diaries Chic -- Romantic Minimalist

I am doing a furniture upgrade for my daughter.  She is going French Provencial, Romantic Minimalist, Vampire Diaries Chic.   Call it what you will, but it will be gorgeous.  Primer stage, hoping to spray over the weekend, weather permitting.  Please cooperate weather.  I am spraying, because we want a high gloss durable finish.  Some finishes I paing (my silver), but for this only spray will do.  If you don't have an outside area or garage area (I don't spray in my garage),  ask your paint department for a good paint that self settles and you can brush and get a good finish with minimal brush strokes - the tip on this is the newer the paint, and the better the brush, equal fewer brush strokes.  (I do admit, I don't mind brush strokes).
Drawers everywhere.  I take outside for a paint and sand, then bring in to dry and cure.  Yes, I am living with drawers everywhere.  Garage is too cold this time of year.  (Update -- borrowed a space heater and may get to use the garage-- yay).
Drawers everywhere.  Wink and smile.
I can't wait for the finished project. 
Oh, and not because of what you think, I can't wait for the finished project so I can do another couple for her house, I have several in the back burner, and am dying to get to them. 

Your weekend,  even if you are working, what are you working on?  I did the majority of this during the work week in the afternoon and evenings, totally relaxing.

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