Wednesday, February 27, 2013

50's Chair to Fur Chairs In Your Dining Room

First a huge big "Hug" and "Thank You", to my amazing daughter for always letting me experiment on her house and belongings.

These chairs were part of a set that went with a 50"s style dining set.  They just weren't working for her anymore.  So, FUR TO THE RESCUE.  Yep, got a great coupon at JoAnns, and off I went. 

I did sew a pillowcase pocket for the tops, and they slid right over.  The bottoms, were simply stapled over the existing cushions and around the legs.  Fur is forgiving.

You are wondering if they are washable?  Yep, a little face wipe and wipe them clean, or a bit of water and any cleaner you use.  Best of all----- all 4 chairs for $15.00.  Coupons baby.

This is the during shot.
 Making an old table festive.

Do it.  Fur is fun.


  1. I love these! Thanks for doing this to my chairs! :) They look amazing and I feel so glamourous when I sit in them for meals.