Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easy DIY McDonalds Chicken Snack Wraps

Easy chicken snack wraps.
Ok, so my daughter got me hooked on the McDonald's Snack Wraps.  I love them. 
I decided to do a home version.

Thank you Trader Joes.  Love their Breaded Chicken Tenderloins (again, thanks Lo for telling me about a great product).
BBQ of your choice.
Cheese of your choice.
Tortillas of your choice, I use the low carb ones.

Cooked the chicken, put on the tortilla, drizzled a bit of bbq, some cheese and I added some lettuce.
Yum.  Yes, I admit it I ate 2.
I can't cook, but I can put a few things together.  I will make this again and again. 
Love it.

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  1. I tried these the other day based on your recipe and they were SO GOOD! And so easy, because I can't cook either. ;)

    These were delicious and guilt free -- and my boyfriend loved them, too!