Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cuff - Roll Your Jeans -- DIY Boyfriend Jeans

They are all over the magazines.  Rolled/cuffed Jeans.  Want a great way to do it yourself? 
Do the 1950's Roll/Cuff.
Take a pair of jeans right out of your closet.  They do not need to be pencil leg.  In fact, a small boot cut, or a jean that is a little loose is best.
Pinch the pant in the  middle.
Hold the pinch and roll once.
Roll twice, and even 3 times.
If you prefer you can straighten the pinch.  I leave it pinched, as I am usually using a slight boot cut and want to make it a little straighter.

You can also, pinch the back, if you prefer the bunch in the back.
Roll at least twice, three times works best, these will stay cuffed all day long.

Once you get good at it.  You can do it on your legs.

Summer here you come.  Grab your flats, heesl, flip flops, whatever.  You are good to go.

Best part, you didn't have to buy a thing.  Save your money for something else.

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