Monday, April 15, 2013

Dog Proofing

I call this "Getting Ready for Layla".
My daughter's dog is coming to visit me for a week.  Yay Layla (yep, I will post some pics).  Anyway, I am dog proofing.  You know, putting up things that might be appetizing, or look like a play toy.  In addition, just covering some furniture.  This time of year in the southwest, it is windy, dusty, and full of elm seeds, and I want to be able to quickly get rid of the dirt etc.
Pic below is my padded headboard -- still love it.
While getting ready for Layla, I decided to cover my bed with an old white sheet, again, ease and convenience for cleaning.  I think I look the look of a white bed. Hmmmm.
Yep, she likes that chair to look out and watch the world go by.  Chair, ready.
She loves to lay on the ottoman, it is getting a little old and haggard and I have contemplated making a cover for it.
So, I grabbed some fabric from another part of the house, and quickly hand sewed the sides to themselves and made a quick cover for it.  Just layed it over, and folded the sides, sewed them at their meeting point and tucked under the rest.  Ignore the splotches -- light glare. 

I think I like it, now to find some fabric and give it a real looking cover, not sure what would work.  But for the week, it will do. Oh, and ignore all the dust on the floor, I give up with the 50 mile an hour winds.
How do you dog proof?  Admit it, I know you put blankets and sheets on your furniture.

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