Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easy Clean-Up Walk Around Straightening

Today I am doing what I call "Walk Around Straightening"!. 
It is exactly what it is.  I walk room to room, and find objects that are not where they belong and put them away.  Sadly this can take more than an hour.  I also will throw away trash, and any extra objects that have become useless. 
Sadly, I could do this every day and never be fully done.  But, it is a good trick.  Try it.
Then, you can clean.  I normally run out of steam at this point.
How do you straighten?  Clean?  Suggestions.
Enjoy this great picture from Vogue for inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh. That's what we are doing today! I definitely find that the "15 minute pick-up" method works really really well for me. If we do it every evening, then I have the energy to clean in the morning/afternoon/weekend, etc, and I don't have to spend my entire weekend just picking up. (although, at 35 weeks pregnant, I'm super slack with the whole picking up thing daily.)