Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easy Way to Rake/Scoop Leaves

Ok, so at least twice a year I do 20 or more bags of leaves.  Yuk.  YUK.  YUUUUUUK. 
Here is a quick and easy way to pick them up.

Take a piece of cardboard.  Put in bag with a bit of dirt/leaves on it.  Take a smaller leaf rake, and scoop the leaves into the bag over the cardboard.  Takes a bag or two to get the hang of it.
Lift bag with cardboard in then pull cardboard out and tie off.

This is not an original idea.  I saw a yardman doing it, and thought ---- oh, yeah.  I can do that.

Example below from my phone, while raking leaves today.

10+ bags in less than an hour.
Give it a try.
Then use your "I didn't pay a yardman" money for oh.........I don't know, you choose.

Make it a great weekend.

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