Friday, April 19, 2013

My Weekend Inspiration - House Beautiful

Thank you House Beautiful for my weekend inspiration.  Hopefully my allergies won't get the best of me and I can do some projects.  The mulberry is in full bloom in the southwest and makes for horrible allergies.
But, if I can get the time, I would love a black front door.
Notice the chair and basket, great if you have a mail slot in your wall, or a landing area for keys, etc.
This kitchen makes me smile.  I love the black cabinets, and the fact that they are old, and not perfect.  Thank you, for showing theese.
Loving this dining room, although the chairs are not my style.  What I am really loving is the natural shades on the windows.  I am really coveting these.  I may have to hit Wallyworld and price out.  Don't hate, I have 13 windows in my house, and 4 of them are over 120 inches wide.  Do the math, expensive.  So, I think for a bit I will window shop.
Enjoy your Friday inspiration.  All pictures House Beautiful.

I am currently working on a Slow Cooker Lasagna.  Hope it works, and yes, you can ruin things in a slow cooker, I have more than once.  Don't judge.

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