Sunday, May 26, 2013

Enchillada Eggs and Huevos Rancheros

Let me start by saying.  I can't cook.  I have the best fed garbage disposal and trash can in town.  I don't cook -- I prepare. 
However, there are a few things I make that are great, and I am working on it daily.  Oh, and let's face it you have to eat. 
Here are two of my favorites.
This one I call an "Accidental Mess".  I was making an in the pan quiche that went wrong and that is how this came about.
Simply put, it is eggs, corn tortillas, green chili or salsa, avacado and cheese if you want.
Serving for 2:
Cut up 2 corn tortillas and put in pan with a little butter for like 2 minutes or less until soft.
Push the corn tortillas to the side of the pan.
Add 3 eggs that have been beaten and scramble, as they get cooked stir into the tortillas and mix up.
Want cheese?  Put some on top and serve.
Want salas?  Add on top.
Best accidental mess ever.
Make it your own.  Make it for breakfast. lunch, or dinner.
Fast Huevos.  I live in the Southwest, where people ask Red or Green when you order your Enchiladas.  But if you don't, have easy access to chili, have no fear, Trader Joe's makes a respectable Enchilada Sauce. You can find it on the salas isle at Trader Joes.

Take a couple of corn tortillas and lightly soften ina warm pan, just put in pan and flip until soft.
Add some scrambled eggs, and top with some warm "Enchilada Sauce".
Add cheese, melt in microwave just barely, and serve.  Left over potatoes too.  Or beans, or rice.

Again, breakfast, lunch, dinner.  One jar of sauce will do roughly 2 Enchiladas, lightly covered.

What are you preparing?

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