Friday, May 24, 2013

Inspiration Needed -- HELP!

I need some inspiration. HELP.  I can't get a single project done.  On the upside, I am getting caught up on tv I didn't watch the first time around.  Right now, weeding through Brothers and Sisters.
I am a repeat offender.  I love stacked art.  This is a stack in an alcove before our wine room.
Finally leveled the wine refrigerators.    Still a major work in progress.
Yes, this happens in my house.  Clutter.  This secretary is currently closed in the wine room.  Just a junk catcher.  I need a new desk, maybe I should borrow it from the wine room, and free up that space.  The wine room area looks cluttered anyway. 
Feeling like a hoarder.  I need to declutter.  I need to scale down.  Oh, and yes, those are golf clubs in a wine room.  Hmmmmmm.

Don't judge.

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